Escape the seductive feedback loop

If you haven’t read part 1 which introduces the idea that feedback for an artist can be dangerous, you can read that here.

Or if you already know feedback sucks and want a roadmap of how to escape it, dive straight in.

First I’d like to describe the seductive feedback loop. What is it? Well, based on what I’ve observed, as the habit of needing feedback gets stronger we develop a belief around needing it and then a feedback loop ensues. It looks something like this;

  1. I have an awesome idea.
  2. Start creating.
  3. Decide to get feedback.
  4. Dump loads of…

create, feedback, art, artists,
create, feedback, art, artists,

The hidden dangers of feedback for the artist.

Did you know there are hidden dangers of feedback for the artist. Why did the artist cross the road? Because she wanted to get run over by a truck full of ‘feedback’.

I recently came to understand something essential to my creative process and it may or may no resonate with you. Depends on your psychological ‘makeup’ and, dare I say it, childhood programming.

For me it has been an important epiphany that has changed the way I do things as an artist.

Are you killing your art, or life, with feedback? Or more precisely, the wrong kind of feedback?

Love because it’s why you‘re here,
Love because it’s waiting for you,
Love because it’s who you are,
Love because you can’t help yourself,
Love because you’re invisible until you do,

Love everyone, because everyone is you,
Love because it wins hands down every time,
Love because it’s the greatest gift you can give,
Love because it’s painful, and pain is just trapped potential,
Love because it’s easy once you realize there’s nothing else.

Love because it heals every wound, Love because you can, Love because it makes the grass greener, Love because everything else is a wild goose chase…

Frankie Louise

Performance artist, writer, director & hacker of peak states of consciousness. Claircognizant, remote viewer, mischief & mescaline lover.

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