I lOvE her

Feelings for different women
Some were dated, some it was just sex
Then there were lots of rejections

I wasn’t in a place where they could stay with me
Lots of potential, but no cash
Nice guy, but not enough

Until you came along

I wasn’t looking for you, but you found me
You were so vulnerable
You peeled off all the layers of your skin
And opened up your soul so I could see inside
After this, all I wanted to do was take care of you

All I want to do for the rest of my life is take care of you.

Our relationship isn’t perfect
We have our differences
We fight and quarrel 
Then there’s the distance
I annoy you often
Yet you call me perfect

One thing is clear in the midst of all the challenges
And that is our commitment to be together
To live together and create a great life and family

We are beating the odds
We will make this work
Everyday, I will choose you

I lOvE her.