Drawbacks that can leave Your Mobile App in a Danger of Being Hated by the Users

In this era of mobile technology, mobile apps have impacted the way people do a lot of things. For entrepreneurs, apps have indeed become a major way to promote their products and services. So, ensuring customer satisfaction through these apps is the only way to ensure business success. So, when these apps crash, slow down or freeze for even a few seconds, customers are sure to get disappointed, which may be a quick road for you to be thrown out.

With millions of mobile applications already existing in the market with and hundreds being added every day, there are numerous apps that face some serious downside or are failing miserably. So, it becomes important to know the actual reasons that contribute to the failure of these apps, as well as the ways to combat the future fallout’s.

Survey conducted by Dimensional Research reveal that about 61 percent of users expect mobile apps to begin within 4 seconds, while 49 percent expect response to their search within two seconds. So, if an app has errors and fails to deliver appropriate functionality, 53 percent of users will uninstall it.

· Diversion in Functionality: An app is always appreciated for its functionality, which should be installed in a precise and correct way for an app user. If any diversion from some of the essential aspects of functionality occurs, users will immediately lose interest.

· Intrusive Advertising: With millions of apps being downloaded every day, mobile apps are being considered as a great tool to promote your business. While using adverts through these apps can be a great way to make money but too much of it can irk the minds of users resulting in lost interest.

· Too Many Push Notifications: After the installation of an app, flow of too many messages, push notifications, pop-ups and emails regarding different events and happenings in the industry may irk the user who is likely to uninstall it.

· Privacy issues: Yet another reason for failure of mobile apps is their failure to ensure safety of user’s personal information, which is pivotal and shouldn’t be compromised. Such a threat is major to the sustenance of mobile apps.

· Excessive Battery Consumption: It has been found that many mobile apps consume too much battery and thus are uninstalled by the users in spite of being extremely useful.

These are some key reasons that can leave your app in a risk of being hated by the users.