Smart Tips So You Can Customize WordPress like a Pro

The WordPress platform is popular for its flexibility and vast array of options for customization. A major part of this customizing has to do with design, which may be a challenge for entry-level developers seeking to find their feet in the industry with WordPress website development.

Web development isn’t just about building a website based on themes, templates, fonts, colors and images. It is much more than that. But with endless options and little experience, it is easy to make errors and end up with a WordPress website that doesn’t look professional enough.

Here are some useful tips for those who wish to customize and enhance their skills at WordPress website development.

Keep it simple

1. If you can’t create custom graphics and typefaces, follow fundamental typography guidelines while choosing fonts -

  • Concentrate on readability.Visitors on your web page should not be left guessing what word they are looking at. The body text must be set between 12 and 16px. Most developersprefer to go with an average 14px as the font size.
  • Keep it consistent.Thelesser you change the fonts the better.Match your navigation link font with your header font and match the body text font with the sidebar text font.
  • Small variationssuch as style, weight, and color will go a long way.

Don’t set out to reinvent the color wheel

A lot of people do not have the special knack for picking out complimenting colors that go best together. They may not know how to use them correctly in design, either. Such knowledge and ability is developed over a period of practice rather than existing as an inborn speciality in special individuals. So rather than wracking your brain for unique ideas on what colors and combinations to use, try using WordPress website development tools such as Colour Browse a large number of designer-made color palettes and simply select the one that you like the most. You may alternatively install the color picker extension with Google Chrome to create palettes based on other websites.

Lastly, remember to keep the background of your website sophisticated and subtle, and you’re good to begin developing an attractive and engaging WordPress website.