Top 7 Reasons Why You Must Consider Wordpress Development Services for Your Business Website?
Among-st all the available web development platforms, WordPress is considered to be the fastest and simplest tools required for creating a functional website within short span of time. Statistics reveal that Wordpress is used by more than 20% of top million websites. With more than decade of existence, this powerful CMS is known to power blogging, as well as non-blogging websites. This blogging platform is free of cost and could be installed easily. Websites developed on the WordPress platform can be used as effective marketing tools that can positively impact your overall business growth.
Here are the top reasons why you might want to consider utilizing a WordPress platform for your company’s website.
• Ease of Usage: With an easy to use and intuitive interface, Wordpress has become the most preferred web development platform. This powerful CMS allows addition, modification, and editing of new pages, images, and other website content with ease.
• No HTML or FTP Software Required: Being a self contained system, Wordpress doesn’t require HTML software such as Contribute, Dreamweaver, Adobe etc. Whether you wish to add a new page, upload images, or format text, you can do them all without the help of additional FTP software.
• Search Engine Friendly: A site that is powered by wordpress is easily indexed by search engines as the codes used are very simple and clean. Moreover, every page, post or image can be optimized for particular keywords paving way for precise search engine optimization.
• Complete Control of Your Site: Wordpress allows you to have complete control over your site. You can update changes to your site without waiting for the assistance of a web designer. Apart from this, you can provide a unique shopping experience to visitors by customizing its look and feel.
• Built-in and Ready to Go Blog: This blogging platform provides for in-built blogging capabilities that are easy to integrate. You can easily set up email subscriptions, RSS feeds, commenting capabilities etc to make your site more dynamic and interactive.
• Wide Range of Plugins: Wordpress offers wide range of plug-in that can help you to extend the functionality of your site. These plug-in are either available free of cost or very reasonably priced.
• Highly Scalable: Sites developed using this framework is very scalable. This means that the performance of your site will not be compromised, even if thousands of pages or blog posts are present on your site.
While other CMS option can be useful in certain cases, Wordpress fulfills the needs of majority of businesses ranging from small-to-medium. Its unparalleled ease of usage along with ‘hands-on’ users explains its dominance and popularity as a preferred development platform.