My Sister, A Tattoo and The Challenge

It’s been a little while since I’ve written. No excuses. I’ve just been lazy.

My sister left today. She stayed in my little apartment with me for a week and I got to show her some of my life here. It was good to catch up. When I talk to her now I can’t believe how on the same level we are. With a 3 and a half year age gap (she will be 21 this weekend) our lives have always seemed to be in different places. However, slowly that gap has started to shrink and in place of my ‘baby sister’ is a beautiful young lady full of life experiences and interesting things to say. Just like her older sister (although a lot funnier)!

As part of our week of sisterly bonding, and my gift to her for her big birthday, we got matching tattoos. I found the artist on Instagram (the wonders of social media!) and sent him a few pictures of the kind of thing we were thinking of. We made the appointment and he drew a custom design for us. I didn’t feel really nervous until I heard the snap of the rubber gloves going on, and the smell of antiseptic was in the air. To my great relief the pain was nowhere near what I expected, although I’m not sure my sister would agree. I have already started discussing ideas for my next one(s) with the artist….this may quickly become a habit…

I’m currently sitting in ‘New York Best’ in Sliema with a Vanilla milkshake waiting to meet another Instagram acquaintance. I’ve met her a couple of times before but this time she is presenting me with a challenge. For the next 30 days I am actually going to try to eat well and exercise and, somewhere under the squidge around my middle, find some abs! I’m hoping that by the time she arrives my shake will be finished and out of sight and she will see my commitment from the bottle of Perrier with a a couple of slices of lemon I have lined up for afters.