One Month To Go

My Escape

On Saturday January 7th 2017 I am flying to Malta with two suitcases. My intention is to find a job and live there for the next year or so.

As a 20-something in the UK, I would argue that it’s a pretty terrible time to be trying to build a life. The ever-growing debt I owe for my degree, the near impossibility of saving money even whilst living with my parents, and the utterly depressing state of the bloody world are major contributors.

Tory re-election. Brexit. Trump. Standing Rock. Syria. Child abuse scandals. Snoopers Charter. Extremism (all of it). ’Hypernormalisation’. Ocean acidification. Destruction of the NHS. Culture of fear.*

*This list is not exhaustive. But you know, I’m just a disengaged, self-obsessed millennial, I can’t really offer any insightful comment on these things anyway.

I have decided that my best next move is to move away. I want to be a member of the EU and I want the UK to be a safe and welcoming place to people of all nationalities and backgrounds . I struggle to believe that given another chance to vote we would arrive at the same outcome given that the lies and lack of planning on behalf of the leave camp have been revealed. But then, I was astounded it happened in the first place.

I am also hoping to be granted Irish citizenship through my mother’s side of the family, and therefore protect my right to live and work within the EU. I have always wanted to spend some time living abroad, but the uncertainty of Brexit has made this desire more urgent and I am left wondering how many people my age are doing the same thing.