LinkedIn is a B2B GOLDMINE.

People are not using it the right way.

Tons people use it as a “ME ME!” where all they do is talk about themselves and their achievements and how awesome they are.

Guess what? No one cares.

People care ONLY about themselves. Our past achievements don’t mean anything to them.

People want to know what’s in it for them. Talk about how You will help Them.


1- Treat your profile as a sales page:

Skip the CV talk everybody does on their LN profile. CV’s are for job seekers.

Instead, talk about their problem, exacerbate it, then show that you hold the solution to their problem.

Don’t be afraid to write a lot as long as it is related to their problem and the solution you provide to their problem.

2- Give at least 5 or 6 times before you take:

People usually jump at the opportunity of a new connection and start pitching themselves and their services.

Don’t EVER do that! You ruin your first impression and your only chance of growing your reputation.

Offer them help instead.

Or better…Give them help without waiting for their request.

Point at problems you see in their business, send valuable content, offer help for free…etc.

In short give a lot before you ask. They might even give back before you ask.

3- Use Groups:

Groups are where the fun is.

Figure out where your prospects are, and join as many groups as you can.

Group rules are somewhat similar to Facebook, but since it is business oriented, you can be a bit more aggressive there in your self promotion, but don’t forget building your reputation and giving as much as you can first.

Build relationships with group owners.

Give them special care and insane value. Help them help their audience better. Offer them insanely good deals that they would be stupid to not accept, and they will reward you with streams of referrals more than you can even handle.

In conclusion:

Focus on others. Help others. Then find more others to help.