On Giving Tuesday, Islamic Relief Canada shares the warmth

As the nights get longer and the days colder we’re all gearing up for this year’s crazy Black Friday sales. Most of us are looking to stock up on cozy sweaters, fluffy socks and thick jackets to protect us from the snow that’s been beautifully coating the streets outside. We’re able to stop and enjoy the warmth and fullness of comfort foods like creamy soups and hot chocolate as we shop — but unfortunately these joys are not enjoyed by everyone.

Like every year, thousands of Canadian will be exposed to uncomfortable (and sometimes dangerous) temperatures with little to no protection or assistance. This leaves numerous people all over Canada in incredibly vulnerable positions. Together, we can change this.

This year, on December 3rd, Islamic Relief Canada is participating in the annual Giving Tuesday Campaign with Share the Warmth. With your support, Islamic Relief Canada will be able to team up with numerous other charitable organizations throughout Canada to provide warm food and winter kits that will play a vital role in providing protection against the rough winter cold.

Giving Tuesday provides Canadians with the opportunity to give back to communities in need after all the spending Black Friday brings. On this day, all of Canada comes together to make sure every Canadian is able to enjoy the season without worry. Islamic Relief Canada has and continues to uphold their promise of supporting every individual regardless of faith, race or gender and will ensure that through this campaign the same standards are applied.

Islamic Relief Canada is known for its work in providing sustainable aid internationally, but the work that we’ve begun to do right here at home is just as important. The winter can prove fatal for many homeless who are left unsheltered. The essentials we provide through the kits we’ll be putting together will play a vital role in protecting those who are vulnerable to hypothermia, frostbite and the many other harmful side effects of the cold.

When we come together with the intention to help those in need, we can create waves of change that can enrich not only their lives, but ours as well. The support that Canadians provide through Islamic Relief Canada can make a significant difference for these individuals. So don’t hesitate to share the warmth that you and I are privileged to enjoy this winter, and help make a change with Islamic Relief Canada.

Mashaal Saeed is part of the External Relations team at Islamic Relief Canada.

Islamic Relief Canada is an international NGO committed to alleviating poverty in 30+ countries around the world.

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