Kawasaki J125 Scooter In India to launching Soon In India. Catch up all scooter news, reviews and launches in India : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcK45-4Ag5Jx-hgB7jDybj7UKcusiJcL6 Subscribe to our Channel AutoToday : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnY-bAu7D_lmIyDxnyJgkxQ Kawasaki J125 was the First ever scooter in 125 segment unveiled in EICMA 2015. Kawasaki pulled the curtains off their first 125cc scooter, the Kawasaki J125, a peppy scooter was one of the showstoppers of Kawasaki’s 2016 road bike range showcased at the EICMA 2015. The J125 is smaller-displacement version of its elder sibling the J300 (which itself is a re-branded Kymco Downtown 300i). J125 is powered by the 125cc liquid-cooled SOHC four-valve single-cylinder engine which generates 13.8hp and max torque of 12Nm. The engine is mated to a stepless transmission for a true twist-and-go rideability. The chassis is claimed to be designed for the streets of Europe. Everything you want to know about Kawasaki J125 : https://youtu.be/izRKE6F3oxA Even with a less than half displacement engine, the J125 matches the J300 in terms of features. The J125 rides on 14 inch wheels up front and a 13 inch at the rear. The suspension tech on the J125 has been designed for light and sporty handling, the twin-rear shocks offer five preloaded adjustable setting. On the visual front the J125 looks heavy, even if the riding mech keeps it swift and light-footed on the ride, still the fuller bodied scooty holds extra pounds. This mini-Hulk weighs around 182kg. It sports a two-tone silver seat, LED taillight and a front end that stays glued to the styling of Kawasaki’s sports bikes. Well talking about the sports bike styling the J125 shows off a blue backlit analogue speedo and rev counter, with an LCD panel on the dash. kawasaki j125 price in india, kawasaki j125 top speed, kawasaki j125 for sale, kawasaki scooter price, kawasaki j125 specs, kawasaki j125 review, kawasaki scooter 125 price, kawasaki j125, 2016 kawasaki j125, kawasaki j125 2016, 2017 kawasaki j125, kawasaki j125 2017, scooter review, kawasaki j125, kawasai j 125 review, kawasaki scooter, kawasaki j125 review, kawasakiJ125, kawasaki J125, Kawasaki Scooters Kawasaki J125 Scooter In India

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