New Age Beverages Set for Record Run Amid Talks With Retailers for CBD Pre-Orders and Securing its First Patents for the CBD manufacturing process.

Today New Age Beverages Corp. officially announced it’s ready to launch their first line of cannabis-based drinks this year, with talks already underway for CBD Pre-Orders.

Further, the company is 4 days away from debuting their first CBD line next week at the North American Convenience Store Show in Las Vegas, where further pre-orders are set to take place. The company has been tight lipped on who a “big player” is that has been linked to a significant pre-order, as well as the speculation surrounding a deal with drink giant, Coca-Cola. The new hire that stands out is a Mr. Tim Haas, and it could further strengthen the speculation that there might a connection to Coca-Cola. Recent hire by the Newage Beverages Team is Tim Haas, who is the former Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Foods, the former CEO of The Minute Maid Company, and the former Group President of Coca-Cola Latin America.

New Age Beverages is also securing the first patents for the CBD drink manufacturing process, which will be among the first in the USA. This is what the CEO had to say at a recent media conference.

“the company is working on securing the first patents on its manufacturing process.”

Further stating

“we will be the first to execute it in real scale and in a professional, responsible way and on a national basis.”

— Source: B. Riley FBR Consumer & Media Conference in New York.

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