The Two Emerging Marijuana Stocks to Watch in December — and Into 2019

An Emerging Cannabis Company Set to take center stage in the State of Wisconsin.

As buying marijuana becomes simpler in more parts of the U.S. and Canada, so has investing in it. The list of marijuana stocks to watch, in turn, has gotten longer and in some cases more complicated. But as everyone from Walmart Canada to Coca-Cola (KO) expresses interest in cannabis and its plant relatives, many analysts are taking a second look to see if the marijuana wave can continue all the way into 2019.

Canadian marijuana companies Canopy Growth (CGC), Cronos Group (CRON), Tilray(TLRY), Aurora Cannabis (ACB) and Aphria(APHA) became the marijuana stocks to watch on U.S. exchanges in 2018. U.S. companies like MedMen and Green Thumb Industries went public in Canada. The issue with these stocks, at least according to HRP Investment Group, is that they are open to very large swings in volatility, as they are the focus of big players taking large positions on the long and short side.

Still, Cowen & Co. estimated in 2018 that the U.S. marijuana sales could reach $75 billion by 2030 if the nation legalized recreational use. In Canada, legal recreational cannabis sales in 2019 could reach $4.34 billion, according to Deloitte. Big alcohol companies, after long fretting about how legal cannabis would affect sales, and other drink-makers are joining forces with the industry. Those companies hope people will drink to get high rather than drunk. Cannabis executives say the plant could eventually replace things like sleep aids and pain meds.

Lets Have a Look at the Two Emerging Cannabis Companies to pay Close Attention to.

1) Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc (OTC: IGPK)

Price per share target of $0.06 to $0.075 in the short term.

An emerging Cannabis company that is about to take center stage in the state of Wisconsin is called Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc (OTC: IGPK). Analysts at WC Group first shared interest in this company back in September, and now that the CEO of the company has announced its imminent transition into OTC Pink Reporting status, more analysts are taking notice.

What worries most people about new Cannabis companies is the typically large number of notes being converted and dilution. I thought I would try to reach out to the CEO last week to ask about this, and I was quite surprised with his response.

This represents a win-win for investors. With a current trading price of $0.008, we believe this company is significantly under valued. In fact, as it stands right now, we are projecting a price per share target of $0.06 to $0.075 in the short term.

2) Enviro-Technologies International, Inc (OTC: ETII)

Price per share target of a re-test level of $1.12

Emerging Cannabis company hitting investors radars is the infamous Cheech & Chong Co.,owned by Cannabis Giant Profile Solutions Inc (PSIQ). Profile Solutions Inc (OTC:PSIQ)instead has purchased one of the most well known brands in the Cannabis industry, that of Cheech & Chong Product Line. While these are currently only mens grooming products, they are already trade marked. Now, when their large scale growing operation goes operational (See Here), they will only have to put the CBD products under the banner of Cheech and Chong, and thus it would be trade marked.

Dan Oran, CEO of PSIQ stated,

“We are very excited to showcase our proprietary line of Hemp Based CBD products to this very prominent group of Mass Market Retailers.”

Mr. Oran concludes,

“Due to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp Based CBD has become legal nationwide creating tremendous opportunity for PSIQ.”