My personal journey at Zappos

August 27th 2016 will be my 4 year work anniversary.

Coming to work, present day, is still as exciting as the day I walked in the doors of the Zappos Henderson office for the first time.

I remember the day I arrived for my interview. Upon nearing the entrance into the lobby, there were employees giving out snow cones. When I entered into the lobby I could see cut neck ties that hung on the back wall. I noticed a huge iPad table where I spent 20 minutes playing Angry Birds while waiting for my recruiter.

I knew from the that day, after I was given a tour of this amazing company, that I had to be a part of it.

The hiring process took four months but in the end the wait was worth it!

First day at work at Zappos!
The ZCafe team!

My career at Zappos started with working as a Barista in the ZCafe. My experience in the cafe was amazing. I met everybody from every part of the company. Tech, Merchandising, The Customer Loyalty team [the customer service team in the call center], Human Resources, Finance, etc., and every Zapponian in every one of those departments were unique and fun, it just truly made my life at Zappos wonderful!

In 2013, there were many changes happening all at once for Zappos that made it quite a whirl wind for many of us Zapponians. This was the year that Zappos was going to relocate to downtown Fremont, there was also the introduction of Holacracy, and that year I learned that I had a big choice to make.

Moving to downtown meant that a new contracted vendor, a company that uses, was going to take over and operate the ZCafe and our Zbistro. I had to make a choice to join this new company to continue working as a Barista or find a new position at Zappos to remain Zapponian.

I chose to apply for the Customer Loyalty Team. That meant I had to go through the whole interview process all over again and I’ll be honest, I was very nervous during this time period because I wasn’t guaranteed the job.

You have to understand that I’ve been in the Food & Beverage industry for almost 30 years and moving into a tech-type of job was definitely taking a big leap! I’m glad I took that leap, within a couple of months, I was told that The Customer Loyalty Team made the decision and they would love to have me as a new CLT representative in the call center!

I was so excited for this new adventure!

Team McLovin!

I spent 6 months in our call center WOW-ing our customers on the phone. What an amazing experience! I thought I knew how to give the best customer service, but what I learned at Zappos made me realize why we are the company that is dedicated to providing the best service compared to other companies I’ve worked for in the past.

In 2014, we’ve settled into our new home in Fremont in what was the former City Hall building. In the early part of that year, I discovered there was an opening for Culture Tour Guide role. I thought, “Hmmm…could I be a fit for a culture tour guide?”

I questioned if I would be good enough. After much thought, I applied for the Z’apprenticeship. [Yes, we put the letter “Z” in our language to make it more Zappos identified.]

I talked with my Lead from the call center and told him that I applied for the Z’apprenticeship. He smiled and said to me, “That’s a perfect position for you. I don’t ever want to see you in the call center again.” I knew he meant it in the context that I was moving on to bigger things.

After 3 months of hosting tours, there was an opening and I became a new member of the Zappos Culture Tour guides!

Zappos Culture Guides

Present day, I’m still a Culture Tour Guide!

I love meeting people from all over the world who come to visit Zappos and how I have that privilege of taking them on a journey to see our company culture up close!

The best part is that I’ve made many new connections and met other companies who have unique company cultures as we do here at Zappos.

The Culture Maestro

What’s Next?

I’m taking the next part of my journey to visit and tour other companies who have unique company office cultures. I’ve visited 3 companies thus far and have an agenda in September to visit a few more in Europe.

I’ve set my sights on becoming an external speaker some day to share our Zappos Company Culture and join a team who already travels the world sharing and inspiring others.

It’s been a great 4 years, I hope you stay connected and continue to follow my adventures here at Zappos!


-Ryo Zsun-