Sugar ,Spice & Everything Nice

Ingredients of every ‘Power Puff’ Girl
There’s a sweet savory irresistible entice that usually engulfs the hearts of those who make a pit stop at the concession stand. The stars align, the mood is set and all that is left for the weary wanderer is to simply indulge in that guilty pleasure. All the work you invest on prepping for the outing to the carnival or fair boil down to this one isolated capsule in history: the moment your lips are kissed by the sugary bounty that lay in wait. A euphoria of mind, body and soul ensues after that forbidden fruit graces the fibres of your anatomy. Swept into an alternate universe and mesmerized by the seductive forces drawing you in deeper ultimately, you give in. Romanced senses, sweet nothings whisper promises that your every desire shall be met. Lured by the call the urge intensifies as the pound of flesh must be paid, a high price on the seas ruled by one master. On the shores of Sirenum Scopuli your surrender is purchased. What seemed like a brief encounter with cotton candy, rainbow lollipops and bubbles from the pop of assorted bubble gum translated awakened rhythmic lust of pleasure.An instantaneous bout of adrenaline powered by the colorful gab of a transformed entity. Get ready because you have just experienced a sugar rush!
Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice the stuff every ‘power puff’ girl is made of. Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom so rightfully named as they exude the utopia epitomized in all that is good, innocent and just pretty. Those big bright eyes, that uncanny smile and charismatic laugh can only embody words filled with sweet spoils. Needless to say, the first time that phone rang with a frantic mayor on the other end beseeching these irreproachable creatures to rise to the defense of the city Mojo jojo must have become undone. Shocked with more volts than a lightning bolt from the power packed punched these angels dealt, not even a defib could resuscitate his emotions. His expectations pronounced dead on arrival.
Now allow me to marry these two scenarios. Much like our unfortunate antagonist above people become allured by the initial taste of our personalities. For a moment in time they are taken through the whimsical field of the concession stand, like the Sirens your positive energy draws them nigh. What can only be explained as ecstasy, enthralls their minds and you rise to the top of the food chain. The plot thickens however,when they are jolted by the harsh realism of your caustic, confused, sarcastic, at times melancholy , emotional, sometimes happy, could become enraged, your actions upset me, loving, mushy, totally unapologetic personality that graces the stage in a full production. Upended by traits that appear uncharacteristic in nature.
Not every patron is equip to handle the density of raw cotton candy. Many are chosen, few are called. Still don’t get it? Let me bring it home in sheer Marvel style then. The ability to accept the highs and lows that encompass the diverse diaspora embedded within your dynamic personality, much like Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) deems only ‘he who is worthy’. Stop expecting Iron Man and Captain America to appreciate your awesomeness. Vision will see beyond the surface and peer into your soul combined with the built in muscles of patience Thor packs. Everyone has a dark side, in the midst of the cotton candy& rainbows Can you love all of me? Can you handle mine? Sugar &Spice accompanies things that are not all nice.