Identifying your Life of Purpose: Embracing your pain

Dreams are bigger to achieve but they demand big sacrifices, without sacrifices achievements are never made. When I was 16, I had to leave my home and move to hostel in order to pursue my education, It was really hard for me as I was first girl in my family to move to hostel and was not so mature to handle things by myself. I remember at first my dad has to come with me to leave me at hostel and bring me back home whenever there was a weekend or any holiday. It was very hard living away from family but somehow I started managing myself and I time came when I used to travel by my own to go back home and even when I had to give my entry test in Lahore for admission being first time in the city, I came here alone. Later , I spent 4 years of my BS in hostel and tried managing my expenses by my own. It was really challenging as a girl to manage all but my family ever trusted me and gave me courage to do what i wanted in my life. After my BS again I realized in 1 year job that I want to move further with my career. I applied for further study and got admission in Islamabad and Lahore. Islamabad was near to my place and it was easy for me to visit home whenever I wish but still I choose for PU, Lahore as it was my dream to be here and Lahore is a city with more industrial unit. Being passionate about industrial career it was good decision for me. Soon after completing my MS, I asked my parents for permission to stay here to find a Job related to my field because there were more chances to get that in Lahore instead of moving back. I am still struggling to find what I dream and want to serve this community with my career. There were even times when I didn’t had money even to take a meal and I didn’t told my parents even. There were many times when I was alone during all this journey, that were so hard to move on still I didn’t give up and I am still looking for purpose of my life to give meaning to all the sacrifices that I made by staying away from my family and choosing un-comfort instead of going back and living comfortably at home.