Ideas are motivating elements for a Journey and we started a very beautiful journey on 25 February 2017. Yes, it was a journey with Amal Academy. It is an awesome platform to make us lifelong learners and future leaders. The day we started this journey, a new version of ourselves stood ahead the personalities. As we headed towards our destination it turned into a lovely expedition which is even more exciting than reaching the target.

So here is a new beginning in this thrilling Journey “THE MEGA PROJECT”.

“Ideas are easy, implementation is hard. Without actions, learning is really nothing more than ideas.”

Humans are always moving towards the excellence. A state of mind which satisfies them and develop them as really powerful in this universe. They believe on their abilities and up to now they have reached great heights of glory. In order to achieve their goals they have highly modified the natural environment and habitats that is devastating for whole world. We have selected environment protection as our social cause.

WWF has been working for the conservation of environment and climate change all over the world and has many ongoing projects in this regard with collaboration to other organizations. We searched for the ongoing projects and selected “Installation of Drinking Water facilities in the city of Lahore for local communities.” It is intended to engage with the local communities and develop environmental awareness in them. We will contact WWF in first week to engage with them in this project and venue will be decided in association to them. In next week we will publicize the project on different social media and among. Sponsorship will be arranged for project if needed however the project is already sponsored by Coca Cola, Pakistan so we will focus on community engagement. Third week will include personal involvement in the project as a team according to the conditions of WWF. Moreover all the documentation will be completed in the third week.

To apply the principle of ‘Ek aur ek gyara”, project is based on teamwork. All the tasks have been divided in group to practice teamwork skills. All the communication will be handled by Zakria. Fatima will be responsible for publicity of the event, Reeja for logistics and Ulfat for arrangement of the sponsorship if required. All the documentation will be handled by Isma.

We will try to achieve maximum from this project to groom our personalities and apply all the learned skills InshAllah.