The Crisis Between Netherlands and Turkey for Dummies

Have you seen the riots in Rotterdam the other day and wonder how worse could the immigration crisis go? Then you absolutely should read this and start to ask different questions.

What you see on these videos are not refugees and most of them are not unemployed. In fact some of them are employers, which is not even relevant with the protests that were going on.

First of all, you must know that Turkey has different communities and who you see on the videos are mostly Sunni-Muslim males which prodominantly vote for the ruling party with all their families and extended families; which is almost half of the population. I’m not gonna give you a demography briefing but there is also the other half and what happened in Rotterdam happens before every election and referandum here.

The ruling party first came to power by playing the victim. Turkish people appreciates supporting the apparently disadvantaged side of an encounter. For example; they always take the side of the weak team on football, they tend to support the country with a weaker position in an international conflict etc. At least this was how it used to be. After the current ruling party started to use this as a political weapon, people satisfy their senses of chivalry by voting, but left the beautiful conscientious part and start worhiping the “power” who is the victimest the victim of all. They also feed on any conflict and live their days dreaming like Trump voters to “Make Turkey Great Again” and revive the formal glory of Ottoman Empire (if there was ever such a thing), because the level of education and the production doesn’t match with their dreams.

It has been going on since 15 years. the ruling paty won every single election, turn Turkey into a construction field and fed the population with constant cheap credit, which make the people think that the economy is getting better. More credit — More spending — more GDP — financable deficit.

At the end what we see is the most empowered political victims and after the recent coup attempt, they become a political Juggernaut against every different voice and the current referandum is about whether the president should be a neutral head of state or both head of state and head of government with almost unchecked powers.

When you get this powerful, it’s kinda hard to play the victim anymore. so they would either invent a new play or crate some conflict to feed on it.

Unfortunatelly, some members of the EU, presented a golden ticket to Turkish government by asking the Turkish ministers to cancel their declared propaganda trips to their countries and Turkey was suddenly the oppressed, proud and lonely country who was fighting the hypocrites in the WEST for freedom of speach and democracy.

What was different this time is that; the Netherlands had a similar politician who similarly uses the demagoguery to boost the fears of his people. And the general election was days away. Actually all the Dutch Government did was an election move; to show the people that Wilders is not the only way to protect them from the preassure of immigration and threat of Islam.

It worked, if Rutte hadn’t deported Turkish ministers, probably we were hearing the victory speech of Wilders. But by doing so, a very important politcal tradition of diplomacy is gone. Now, a governments can simply use foreign representatives for their local political egendas and Turkey; 80 million strong nation, is considered a rouge state.

Congratulations humanity!!