The reason the answer is MJ is because while their respective skill levels might just be at the…
Thanksgiving McDaniels

I don’t even think the murderer-argument is that important in this context, since a) while it’s real, it’s still quite ethereal, b) even LeBron has admitted to not having MJ’s killer instinct, but in terms of making-your-team-better, he gets the nod, and c) LeBron is writing his own story, anyway.

It’s hard to pin down one argument, let alone one stat (PER, championships, Win Shares…) that really helps determining the All-time-MVP. Hence my idea that the collective intelligence of many experts is the only way to gauge this. The killer-instinct-aspect is certainly an important one, but since about 2015 I have been thinking that LeBron has truly taken his own path legacy-wise, making it harder and harder to assess his place in history by looking at just one aspect. This is not about potential anymore, this is about the authors of two of the heaviest books ever, and LeBron isn’t even finished.

Again: MJ is the G.O.A.T., to my mind, but LeBron turning in another surreal performance like 2015 or even winning another ring with all that workload done, with a sub-par team, might already flip the switch…

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