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This show is a lot about compassion. Not only that of the droids, which is adjustable. Not only that of the humans towards the droids, which can range from respectable to foolish (the latter especially when they are employees of the park). But also the compassion of us viewers towards the androids. Some of the lines struck me as commonplace, too, but I did not perceive them as bad writing, but bad programming of the androids, which made total sense. Ok, Ford’s sentence about consciousness was not really subtle, but first of all we cannot be sure if he really is made of flesh and bone, and second of all this last episode showed us that he might not be as in control of everything as it seems. So, I guess, a rather mundane utterance makes sense here, too.

For what it’s worth, this series is more than original and more than captivating, and most of its flaws are so deeply connected to things yet uncovered that it is too early to call them real flaws. In the end, they might be nothing but diversions — or hints, depending on how you look at them.

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