Learn something new: it makes you happy

Always walk through as if you have something new to learn. And you will. — Vernon Howard

Start is something that stops most people.

We have a common fear of taking start. For learning new things we have to invest our time and energy. Learning is a process that continues from birth to death. Each day brings a new challenge for us whether its survival or something to set a change.

I usually love to taste new challenges but some people pull legs to draw my attention towards common thoughts. Sometimes, I get involved in so many tasks that I face difficulty in prioritizing them.

Often social media distractions (fb, whatsapp, messenger, twitter, emails etc.) draws our attention from very important task and cause delaying of assignment.

The most important takeaways:

1. Practice makes permanence. Building a habit of spend at least 30 minutes for assigned task continues the quest of life.

2. Focused life is better than aiming random shots towards future.

Expecting a lot from future without putting an effort goes in vain. I can use Pomodoro technique to remain focused and effective. I’ll prioritize the tasks and try to be proactive.