Let’s go for a trip to refresh our mind

We often meet destiny on the road that we look to avoid it. Life is the name of beautiful feeling, we want to enjoy its manifest beauty. Life has secrets, we just need to explore.

Everyone wants to be successful in his/her professional career so I am. I was really putting so much effort in Career Prep fellowship of Amal Academy to become lifelong learner. The 3 months were very intensive. At the end of fellowship, the moment comes and we as Amal family decided to go for one day trip to maintain work-life balance, to explore new places and to build strong bond of understanding among Batch 14 of Amal Academy.

We took almost 2 weeks in discussion of final venue for our trip and I was amazed to see the passion of fellows for journey. They were suggesting new places, sharing plans, and organizing fun activities. The same passion and energy can be seen at the mesmerizing day of trip as they woke up at early 4 am and came all the way to Amal campus to rejoice the upcoming cheer flashes of life.

This was all because of amal fellows that I was their tour guide and their trust, love, and respect were above mark. I learned how to save time in a scheduled and hectic tour. I learned that it’s a friend’s gathering that brings smile at the end of day. Everything is possible with the team work.

Islamabad has been known due to its green beauty enclave by the famous Margila Hills. Exploring historical places of cultural art at Lok Virsa, whispering through the green grass of Lake View Park and steering through elegant scenery of Rawal Lake became the haunting moments of our lives.

Fresh mind is capable of doing something beyond the concept of creativity. A better work life balance should be aimed at providing myself the healthiest, most productive and happiest life. I’ll spend time with my family and friends whenever I need a break from grunt work.

Our path is a color palette ready to be painted into our lives.