Success is guaranteed with positive attitude

Success doesn’t brings happiness. Happiness brings success. A positive attitude will lead to positive outcome.

Attitude creates the way you feel about people and situations. Your actions are a result of your attitude — which in turn creates a reaction from others.

Last year we friends had participated as 2 teams in an event name Global Clean-tech Innovation Program 15'. We had been given 1 week for the preparation of final presentation which includes technology introduction, business model and financial projections.

The other team who were also my class fellows haven’t done much. Two days before presenting they decided to quit from competition because they faced difficulties in business model creation and they thought that they couldn’t go far. Although they were very capable but their negative thoughts overwhelmed their mind.

When I knew this, I visited my fellow and asked the reason. Then I encouraged him that he should believe in himself and start his work again with different method to embrace success. I guided him about how can he make business model and provided him a useful material. At the day of judgement he was declared as the semifinalist. I was very happy for him.

I applied the gratitude as a habit of my life and I can say that only due this my friend circle increases beyond expectations. And I got so much love and respect from them. In this way, I feel more positive and energetic.

Learning with positive attitude leads us to accomplish unknown challenges of life.