The need of guidance — Mentor

Mentor is the compass of career destination. The support and suggestion are more than pearls for mentee. The one who really looked up for potential mentor is trying to find the prism of possibilities.

Open mind set and willing to accept challenge shows that you’re keen to learn from mentor and you will really pay attention to mentor’s advice.

Mentor is like a need of hour. Often times we stuck between the different thoughts and we need to share these with mentor.

I was very lucky to have such a supportive person in life whose guidance a like footpath to career. My 1st mentor was my uncle, he is from educational sector. He guided me in my studies, future plans, career choices, and in the difficulties of life. He was there when I need him the most. He always used to say that “Ismail, you will be the 1st BSc Engineer of our family.” He did counseling and gave confidence and courage me. I often ask him questions about his life. He share the stories of sacrifices and hardships he made in his life to achieve a life of purpose.

His ideas about life and career are very explicit. People value his suggestions. His perspective of education is that it is compulsory for everyone. I really get inspired from his life experiences. I often visit him to tell my achievements and progress. He is very proud of me who I am today and wished to be better by each passing moment.

Humility shows that we are hungry to learn and without humility I don’t think so anyone can even get a single word of wisdom.

I have a great respect and humility for him because he is one who showed me right path. Now, I am able to strive for the possibilities of life.