Good Intentions Corrupted

Two book recommendations on the ‘mother of all corruption’ cases.

What has been lacking, even now, is the will to act — to act forcefully and effectively not just to repair the more glaring lapses but to make more fundamental and lasting reform.
The Committee concluded its report on the management of the Program with a simple admonition: “What is at stake [in the reform effort] is the United Nations’ ability to respond promptly and effectively to the responsibilities thrust upon it by the realities of a turbulent and often violent world. In the last analysis, that ability rests upon the Organization’s credibility — on maintaining a widelyheld perception among member states and their populations of its competence, honesty, and accountability. It is precisely those qualities that too often were absent in the administration of the Oil-for-Food Program.”

Volcker, Paul. “Good Intentions Corrupted: The Oil for Food Scandal and the Threat to the UN”

Backstabbing for Beginners: My Crash Course in International Diplomacy by Michael Soussan