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About Bangalore University

Bangalore University is located in the Garden City of Bangalore aptly hailed as the “I.T. Capital of India”, was established in July 1964 as an off shoot of the University of Mysore, primarily to include institutions of higher learning located in the metropolitan city of Bangalore. Since 1964, Bangalore University has grown both in size and strength to include a large number of affiliated colleges, P.G. Centers with a rich diversity of programme options. The University is located on a sprawling 1100 acres campus named ‘Jnana Bharathi’ (JB). Bangalore University has come to be hailed as one of the largest affiliating universities of Asia. The University was re-accredited by NAAC in the year 2008 with ‘A’ Grade. According to India Today — Nielsen survey of May 31st 2010, Bangalore University ranks 13th in the list of 50 top Universities in the Country.

About Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

ISME offers the 3 year undergraduate BBA program of Bangalore University. The BBA degree is designed to provide knowledge and skills, both functional and integrative, in the field of business. The BBA course ensures that business strategies and principles are guided and key takeaways are delivered in the most efficient manner. In order to accomplish the mission of the institute, the BBA department focuses on developing an entrepreneurial society with professional orientation and global outlook deep-rooted in social sensitivity.

The BBA program is divided into a total of 6 semesters with specializations being offered in the final year. Below is a brief overview of the BBA program.

Global Experiential Learning While pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) course from Bangalore University, ISME students gets an opportunity to visit Singapore University between the first and the second year of the program.This will enhance their academic knowledge along with global industry exposure. It will be an integral part of the BBA program for all students.

Apart from their visit to Singapore, ISME also offers its BBA students option to do a summer school course from either London School of Economics, UK or Carleton University, Canada between the second and third year.

London School of Economics London School of Economics (LSE) is the leading specialist social science institution in the world with a reputation built over 116 years. Its teaching and research is recognized worldwide as a benchmark of quality. The summer school course will give an insight into cutting edge thinking in all disciplines and will help students to reflect on the big issues of the day. Based on regular undergraduate courses taught at LSE, the summer school program reproduces the full “LSE Experience”. By the end of the course, students would develop a deep analytical understanding of current academic thinking on challenging concepts and theories. ISME students opting for LSE summer school courses would be studying at London School of Economics during the month of July between the second and third year of the BBA program. Students will be awarded a certificate and academic transcripts by LSE for the course.

Carleton University Carleton University’s Canada-India Centre provides professional development opportunities to ISME students from various fields, including Management and Business. The Program is designed for the students of ISME who are interested in pursuing global careers. The Program is 2-weeks in length and includes experiential learning via weekly industry visits.


Admission to the program at ISME is highly competitive.

The Admission Office reviews applications on an individual basis looking at both quantitative and qualitative aspects of an applicant’s professional and academic background. An elaborate selection process is followed to ensure quality enrollment.

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