Life Is Survive

I want tell something for today.For a long time I didnt post here.I wanna start from out of world to describe this survive such as to be alive anywhere without looking for real means

What does it mean ‘out of world’ for me ?

It means, go out in your dream world.What is the dream world ? You never think about dream world which seeing while you sleeping something.This is not true,if you think like this you will make mistake and this is not make sense to us.

Listen please..

The world which you live is dream world,I call it like this. If you dont agree with me send comment and tell me what do you think about this

I said ‘Life is Survive’,everybody does same think and they never think life’s real mean,they only want to alive so they can do everything if you give some money maybe they couldnt think their life after get a lot money because they are slavee and this is survive . I am not saying joke absolutely serious.

Think hard and find,nobody say truths about yourself here because there is no fair but if you find yourself another mean discover yourself,you will get a gift and understand some pieces of your life then you never work to survive you only work to your goals and you will help everbody who on this way.

Good Night

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