You Have a Fast Food Addiction, but don’t worry, so does Salem Yohannes.

This is Salem Yohannes and she has a fast food addiction. For the past couple of weeks I have kept tabs on her eating habits and have interviewed her closest friends and family members. After showing her the surveillance footage and interviews of her concerned peers, Salem has admitted that she has a problem and has come up with a solution after being in complete denial. Please watch her journey and share her story with others like her, so that they too can get better.

But first, here’s some background info on addiction.

A fast food addiction is a very serious thing people. I’m talking about someone who eats out at least three times a day. Just like a drug addict, a fast food addict too can experience the symptoms of withdrawal which include paranoia, chills and sweating, hallucinations, involuntary shaking and even behavior changes. Below, you will experience Salem Yohannes’ true fast food addiction story.

For those of you who think I am being dramatic or over reacting, I’ve got something for you. Take it from one of her closest friends, Kaysia Sutz Grey in this audio TEASER TRAILER below! It’s delicious.

And if that’s not enough to spark your attention, then please devour this short TEASER TRAILER!

If you enjoyed that mini TEASER TRAILER, you will definitely enjoy the full video below, I know I certainly ate it up. WATCH BELOW!

So there you have it. Salem Yohannes, 20, is a fast food addict, but not for long. With her well thought out plan and with the help of her friends, Salem will recover from her addiction very soon. Please feel free to reach out to her with words of encouragement if you see her on campus. The CSU student from Aurora, Colorado will continue to work on her recovery process all summer. We should notice a huge change in her eating habits by the upcoming fall semester. Please, if you see this young lady at McDonalds or catch her eating fast food on campus, feel free to stop her (take the food). Remember, Rams take care of Rams, so it’s important that we help Salem in her recovery process. She is very loved by a lot of people (including myself) as you can see in the picture below. We all just want to support her as we are very proud of her accomplishment and for her current recovery.

(left to right) Tracy Sullivan, Ben Eisenbeis, Imani Morris, Annie Ngo, Salem Yohannes.

If you know anyone that has or is currently struggling with a fast food addiction, I am here to tell you that it does get better. If you would like more information on how to be your friends support system or of any fast food anonymous emotional support groups, then feel free to contact me by commenting on this story. I am here to help.

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