Airbnb Hit apartments Have One Thing In Common: A Selfie Point

Airbnb has opened up an entire world of affordable accommodation options for millions of travelers. Owners live in some of the apartments which are occasionally offer them for rent. Most of the apartments on the site were purchased and designed specifically for Airbnb.

designed for a selfie

At the crux of every apartment designed specifically for rent is a single point in which the tenant can proudly stand and take a selfie to post on social networks. According to Lior Ben Zur of Chi Renovation and Design, this is the shot that conveys the essence of the concept around which the apartment was designed and renovated — all in a single picture.

Ben Zur tells of a Chicago studio apartment that was designed for rent in industrial style with icon elements for vintage enthusiasts. The entire closet was structured around the closets mirrored doors. Weighing in at 40 pounds each, the doors were originally installed at the Manhattan Plaza Hotel. The stools were formerly used by guests at the famous House of Blues; and were purchased at an auction along with other icon items from the historic club. Many tourists who come to Chicago are blues enthusiasts and these items add nostalgic value, Ben Zur notes.

Airbnb the way it should be done.

To add an antique flavor, the retro kitchen has a stylish backsplash made of vintage mirror. The countertop is made of zinc, creating an industrial rough look. The atmosphere is made complete with a 50’s style refrigerator and shelves made of restored wood.

Chi Renovation also designed this adorable minty green vintage kitchen.

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