Hey, cafes in Singapore …

Can we use your space for company meetings?

I love that I can be anywhere in Singapore and a decent cup of coffee is no more than a short walk away. Most of you who run these great cafes are super nice — you don’t mind me sitting there and working for a while either.

Thank you!

I work at a local app development & design studio called buUuk. We in the design team often head out to a cafe nearby to have our meetings. It’s a nice change of scene and that in turn can sometimes help think in new ways. Also, a brainstorming/review session can always use a good dose of caffeine!

We usually have our meetings during work hours when the cafe’s aren’t packed. It’s not easy discussing in a noisy cafe (and equally, our discussion won’t disturb anyone else!)

So, I have a suggestion — how about formally opening up your space for small office meetings during your “not-so-busy” hours?

It shouldn’t take much:

  • A somewhat isolated space/corner for 2–3 hours
  • A table big enough for a small group to sit together with laptops and notebooks
  • Power points + Wifi
  • Whiteboard (a projector would be super!)
  • Allow for reservations

I think it would only be fair if you asked us to promise a minimum spend. (Equivalent to a coffee+sandwich per person? If we’re there for a couple of hours, we’ll probably end up having more anyway.)

I’m pretty sure that there are others who could benefit from this too. What say?


Written while sitting at Toby’s Estate .


I ran this idea by the folks at Dapper Coffee and they liked it! You can now call Fuad at +6590257345 to reserve space for your next meeting. Also, he does one of the best cold brews in town! ☺
Fuad, “Director of Caffeine”, emailed me the day after we discussed this idea.

The fun folks at The Garden Slug reached out and informed me that they’ve been in this business for a while:


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