The Perfectly Balanced Team

So am in this group of six people that we decided to name “The Perfectly Balanced”. And ours is a journey of supporting each other in the race to becoming world-class software developers. Stick with me as I introduce you to what I have been able to learn about them for now.

Monday is the day we were assigned to groups and during the evening, when most of the people had retired off to go home, I remember noticing that one of my teammates, Maria Nanfuka had stayed behind and was trying to finish up on some work she was doing. She stayed until really late and from this, I kind of intuitively picked up that she is a very committed person in what she does. And this has turned out to be true because even now as we are still working as a team, I can still see this quality in her. When she sets her mind to something, she does not allow to be easily distracted.

Next is Irene Nyakate. I have noticed that she loves to learn and she is indeed a quick learner. With the short time, we have worked as a group, I have noticed that she is open to learning new things. She doesn’t shy away from asking any questions and she is able to grasp everything that she is taught. I can’t wait to see the good things that lye ahead for her.

Next is Samuel Kisitu. He is new to the programming world since his background has been in the field of Accounts Management but this has not stopped him from pursuing the desire to be a software developer. He is friendly enough and easy to relate with seeing that it did not take us long to make a connection with each other. He is also passionate about learning and I remember that immediately after we had been assigned into groups, he suggested that we find a way of meeting physically together as a team so we could easily support one another. And indeed we do meet as a team and are working together to see that all of us meet our expectations.

Finally, there is Frank Odongkara. He is the Learning Facilitator assigned to us to help us work better as a team and to help us whenever we meet any challenge. He is a very approachable person and from day one he made it clear that his support was present to us whenever we needed it. This to me reveals that he is someone that wants us to succeed in what we are doing seeing that he is always available to give us assistance where need be. I am personally grateful for the support he has rendered me and the team so far.

This is what I have been able to learn in a short while about my teammates and hopefully, I can get to learn more about them and build on this friendship we have began.