My experiences in the Andela Bootcamp

So far, I am loving my time in the Andela bootcamp. Where should I begin from? It is just my second day at bootcamp but I have already met new people. I have been assigned to a team with different individuals so that they can assist me on my journey of becoming a world class programmer. In the same sense, I am also contributing to their growth of becoming world class programmers since we are all working together as a team.

I am greatly benefiting from the aspect of team work. For instance, today, I had hit a wall on a challenge that I was assigned to but one of my colleagues sent me a link to a resource that gave me great insight into how to progress from where I had been stuck.

I have also been exposed to new technologies that I had not worked with before such as Medium (this very platform am using to write this story from), Trello board (which helps you organise your tasks), PivotalTracker that helps you track progress on tasks you set out to do. Generally it is like I landed in a whole new world of different tools that can help one design better software.

I cannot fail to talk of how demanding the work is at the bootcamp. If you are not ready to dig deep and persevere, you can easily give up. You really have to be determined in order to make progress on the different challenges and tasks you are faced with. This is why I will not stop giving praise to my teammates as well as the LFA (Learning Facilitation Assistant) that is at hand to help us when we hit a brick wall.

I am generally loving my experience at the Andela bootcamp and for sure I am not the same developer I was before I joined bootcamp. I am becoming better and better at writing software and working in a team setting. TIA