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The race to keep up

Amazon has made stellar supply chain performance their signature, forcing the competition to step up their game. Leading retailers are following suit and putting aggressive vendor compliance standards in place to protect the integrity of their customer experience.

Shippers are scrambling to adapt their supply chains to keep up with ever-rising expectations. Just last week, Walmart rolled out new compliance standards, increasing their On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) expectations to 98% for all suppliers and logistics providers. If shippers aren’t able to meet these standards, they’ll be subject to penalties and fines, hurting the bottom line and jeopardizing their most important retail customers.

Further complicating things, many leading CPG companies estimate between 20–50% of retailer penalties are wrongly levied against them. Many shippers are forced to accept these fines as the “cost of doing business.” Some attempt to offset these fines by padding the cost of each SKU — a burden ultimately passed on to the consumer.

Logistics partnerships have historically been a balance between cost and service — with an emphasis on cost. But rising consumer and retailer expectations have shifted the paradigm. Shippers must now invest in efficiencies or deal with the consequences of underperformance: compressed margins and shrinking sales. Even the most sophisticated organizations struggle to measure the cost of supply chain failures, and the stakes have never been higher.

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Collaborative Performance Management for the Supply Chain

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