Project 1 — Photography

A strip of topographies forming an elevation.

My inspiration for these images was Bernd & Hilla Becher, two german conceptual artists who are interested in repetition and grid structured photo-series. Through their images they show how particular srtuctures are the same whilst also highlighting their differences. My photographs are a repetitive series of windows on buildings, although each building is different; the windows are always there for the same reason. I aim to portray this need to have windows in city buildings whilst also portraying the various shapes, sizes and dimensions in which these windows take form. Each of my images was taken from a ground level — which portrays perspective, my interaction with these structures and also the importance of taking time out of our daily lives to notice the intricacies of windows in buildings. Alike to the Becher duo, my photos were shot on overcast days in black & white. Through my grid presentation and repetition of windows I aim to show how each of these buildings relate to each other. When looked at individually, people’s first thought wouldn’t be the windows or their relation to other buildings. They would initially focus on the structure as a whole, and my first project aims to alter that view.

Bernd & Hilla Becher Förderturm Zeche Waltrop, 1982 from the portfolio Forty Are Better Than One, 2009
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