4 Years to Resist Drumpf as President, A Small Window to Resist His Even *Becoming* President

I’ve decided that for the next two weeks I’m going to maximize this unique window our democracy is in — the window before Drumpf has actually been elected by the Electoral College on December 19. I’ve been following closely the words of writer Rebecca Solnit, who says

“Is it possible to prevent him from taking power? Why not explore the wildest possibilities, when the alternative is surrendering to the worst? It may be very possible — but only if we imagine it is possible and work to make the possible the actual.
It is too soon to give up. It is too soon to reconcile ourselves to surviving Drumpf when the possibility of preventing him is before us. It was a huge surprise that Jill Stein and the Green party chose to demand recounts in three swing states, and another that the Clinton campaign got onboard. What the recount reveals may also be a surprise. People have used “game changer” a lot, but the game of figuring out what this election means and where it takes us seems to change daily, and some of that change depends on what we do. Why not seize history before it tramples us?”

The way I see it, we will have 4 years to resist Drumpf’s actions as president, but we only have a small window to resist his even becoming president. Solnit breaks down two ways he could be prevented from taking office. The two ways can work together and build on each other:

  1. Electors exercise their Constitutional right to vote their conscience. The Electoral College was created as a failsafe to prevent an unfit person — a demagogue, charlatan, or person under foreign influence — from becoming president. It is abundantly clear that Drumpf fails on all of these counts. There are now movements underway among electors to encourage other electors to vote for another responsible Republican, or to abstain. You can learn more here and here.
  2. Recounts take away Drumpf’s slim victory in three key swing states, or throw enough doubt on the legitimacy of the process that electors have more grounds to vote their conscience. Questions are mounting about Russian interference. While the chance that the recounts will show he lost may be slim, it’s worth paying attention to how hard Drumpf’s lawyers are now fighting these recounts. As Solnit says, “If your friends say what you do doesn’t matter but your enemies fight you and freak out, you know you’re doing something right.”

For the next two weeks, I’m going to be taking daily actions to support both of these possible pathways to keep Drumpf out of the White House. I’ll be following suggestions on this Facebook page created by Solnit and by Taj James, a respected social justice leader and thinker. These websites related to the electoral college also have good calls to action.

Please join me. If nothing else, we can say we did everything possible to keep him out of the White House, before we have to start fighting his actions in the White House.

With love,


P.S. I suppose a 3rd way to keep him out is if we make it clear that he can’t be president and control his empire too. That means supporting all of the calls to audit his finances and review his foreign ties. Here’s a good site with many good action steps to take.