The Advantages Of The ISO Certification Quality Assurance

ISO quality system standard includes three kinds. This is ISO 9000,10000 and 14000 series. ISO 9000 quality standard defined the management and quality assurance system for production and service-oriented enterprises. ISO 10000 standard in quality and audit management and quality assurance system to provide the guidelines for. ISO 14000 standards specify the environmental quality management system. These are the ISO certification quality assurance.

ISO quality system can control the quality and costs. It can also reduce waste and improve productivity. Customers will come from product quality system certification of enterprises is more interested in an effective quality system. What’s more, it can also improve the quality of products, these two factors will increase the company and its products in the open market competitiveness.

Implementation of product quality certification is to ensure product quality. ISO certification quality assurance increase product credibility and protect the interests of users and consumers. Furthermore, it can promote international trade and development cooperation with international quality certification. Its significance specifically in the following areas:

1.To improve product quality and reputation in the domestic and international market competitiveness. Commodity after obtaining quality certification and the certification mark by registering to be published, you can improve the quality of their products in the fierce competition in the domestic and international market confidence. It is conducive to dominate the market, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

2.To Improve product quality levels and promotes economic development. Implementation of product quality certification system. Enterprises can promote total quality management and timely resolution of the certification inspection found quality problems. It can strengthen national commodity quality supervision and management to effectively promote the product quality continues to increase. At the same time, we have achieved certified quality products, but also can reduce the cost of duplication of testing and assessment.

3. To provide product information. And then to guide consumption. ISO certification quality assurance can protect consumers’ interests and improve the social effect. When consumers buy goods, they can get information from reliable quality certification registration bulletin from the certification mark on the goods and their packaging. After comparison and selection, they can select the satisfaction of the purchase of goods.

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