The AS 4801 Management System

I am the owner of an Australia based natural beverages company that mainly deals in drinks made from natural pulp with no added chemicals. Days before, I felt the need of AS 4801 certification. As AS 4801 acts as a means for managing risk and minimising loss by promoting safe and healthy work practices in an organisation therefore the AS 4801 management system standard was vital for my organisation. I always wandered about the AS 4801 standard certification for making my company eligible for government contracts and holding a repo of safe and reliable partner, contractor or a supplier but the main issue was of the consultation service provider and a reliable name for ISO consulting. Than one day, one of mine business partner suggested me the name of ISO Consulting Services, which is an Australian Consultancy that provides services for all ISO 9001, ISO 14001. As per my partner’s advise, I consulted to them for AS 4801 certification related services.

AS 4801 Standard

ISO Consulting Services as it is an Australian consultancy that provides services for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 4801, ISO 13485, ISO 22000 Standards requirements. Within one or two meetings with the officials of ISO Consulting Services, I became confident that they are the only ones who can help in improving my management system, along with the proper guidance regarding the AS 4801 Standards requirements as they are the ones who helps the organisations in improving their management systems.

I discussed with them about how to make my company meet all the requirements for AS 4801 Standard certification and being very honest, they told me each and every thing regarding the need of improvement in the quality management system standard of my organisation.

As AS 4801 demonstrates that the business is managed efficiently and responsibly from a Health and Safety viewpoint, thus it also gives the benefits of stability and professionalism in a business. The consultants of ISO Consulting Services helped us in implementing the AS 4801 management system standard with so simple steps and no unnecessary complications or documentation.

What I liked most about the ISO Consulting Services is their clear focus on only those solutions which can really assist the business and giving it a competitive edge. The team of dedicated Business Development Managers organised several meetings and on the very first point they made a clear concept about my company and its basic services. They made a clear understanding of my business needs and assisted me in getting the AS 4801 quality management system standard. All the documentation was done with the cooperation of professionals from ISO Consulting Services and within very short duration of time, my business achieved the AS 4801 standard. I thought that the whole certification process will take a long time but with the help and consultation of ISO Consulting Services, the whole process was speed up and completed within very short time.

Now I am a proud owner of a business entity that is eligible for all types of government contracts and projects which demands AS 4801 certification. The all new implementation of AS 4801 in my business has boosted the ranking of my business in world’s ranking and now I’m getting more contracts and business from all over the world. All thanks to ISO Consulting Services for right and proper guidance regarding the AS 4801 consultation. Visit the official website of ISO Consulting Services and send any of business query to them, and they will get back to you with their team of professionals and consulting services.