Android Application Development in Html5.

Android development in requirement jdk, Android Studio or eclipse (editor) , SDK and ADT. Android in currently version marshmallow (6.0 API). And Designing purpose feature material Design. Android is platform in Mobile Development. Android in database use SQL lite. Android in store external and internal use. Android in Activity use in show page. Android in intent two type internal intent and external intent. Internal intent is call system just like call website page and external intent is call one activity to anther activity. Android use in web service use in through php or java. Android in activity and fragmentation use android in use 7 life cycle use and 12 fragment lifecycle used. Android in use A to Z series. Android in use background service. Android in coding use core java .Android in use View just like button spinner checkbox etc. android in use Toast just like use message show. Android in use menu in popup menu and Contest menu. Android in use navigation drawer and action bar use and toolbar use. Android in broadcasting used. Android in use alert massage. Android in button use in the click event to one activity to anther activity. Android in use Splash screen to auto call next activity. Android in use to web service in connect Post Get in php or Restful in java in used. Android in web service use in get Json format.

I-softinc Mobile Application Development

Android in spinner use in list view.

Well, the good news here is that we’ve a passionate and licensed mobile application development team for a successful android application development.


HTML5 is advance version in html. Html5 tags use in use Game. Html5 in new tag use.

Just like direct use tag header, footer, ng-modal, ng-click, ng-modalbind etc.

Html5 in use animation.

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