System Components and Features of Solar Power Irrigation Systems

Solar Power Systems and Devices have gained a huge popularity. They are getting advanced and more modern so as the serve the world in several different ways. One such device which plays in agriculture, gardening and nurturing is the Solar irrigation systems which are benefitting the flora and fauna up to great extent.

Solar Powered Irrigation Systems are the devices which use solar energy to work and serve the plants, trees and flowers. This type of systems have a installation setting with a proper arrangement of the solar panels, pipes (or tubes) and sprinklers to provide an extensive, proper, and legitimate nurturing as well as watering to plants, trees and crops etc. These advanced systems are generally used in the gardens, parks and / or fields (agriculture).

System Components

The Solar Pumping System generally are made up from three main components. The device consists of a solar array, solar pumping inverter and a three-face AC pump.

The Solar array of the system is made up of several solar cells panel situated in series as well as in parallel; their role is to convert the irradiation from sunlight to electrical energy in DC form.

The solar pumping inverter controls and regulates the irrigation operation (pumping) while converting DC to drive AC pumps.

The three-face AC pump is normally driven by a 3-phase induction motor. The motor draws water from the well, rivers or lakes, and stores it in the tanks, ponds or the uses for irrigation directly.

Fine Features

1. The Dynamic VI MPPT i.e. Maximum Power Point Tracking control method helps in a rapid response and stable operations (easy usage).

2. Its main power module is highly smart and it leads to high reliability with up to 98% conversion efficiency.

3. The solar pumping system has digital control, automatic operation and data storage which is again a huge benefit.

4. Anodize alluminium case, LED display and in-line blocks play in perfect cooling as well as shielding.

5. There is no requirement of outlets while installing or using the solar power irrigation devices.

6. Compatible with 3-phase induction motors, adjustable pump speed based on the actual situation of the system

7. These irrigation solutions are cost effective as well as environmentally friendly, thus draw no harm to nature or environment.

8. As the system runs on the solar energy stored in the device, these systems help the users save a fortune in electricity bills or energy bills.

Apart from all, the solar pumping system is user friendly, convenient to use and can be easily operated. All these fetching features have lead to the popularity and acceptance of the Solar Powered Irrigation Systems which are effective, eco friendly, energy saver and a lot more.

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