FileMaker: Getting Rid of Paper-based Processes

Feb 23 · 2 min read

iSolutions presents an iPad app used by Kohl’s Department Stores for managing store construction.

iSolutions built the app to help eliminate paper forms and to replace spreadsheets with an app that syncs back to the main system at Kohls HQ for adminstration of all construction project statuses.

Milwaukee-based Kohl’s Department Stores hired iSolutions to build a FileMaker database solution to be used by their Store Construction division.

And better yet, the solution needed to be built in 5 weeks, for a limited budget and needed to be deployed to 35 iPad users who have never used FileMaker before.

No problem.

Kohls requirements were they they needed to be able to track hundreds of checklists for all of their of their stores that are under construction.

They had originally been using spreadsheets and were sending the spreadsheets back and forth between contractors and administrators on a daily basis. With these spreadsheet-based checklists hovering around 500 items it was becoming unmanageable.

They spent most of 2012 trying to make something in xcode but were not able to make a backend for the data and they decided to go another direction with just 5 weeks left on the project deadline.

Once the data was sent back up the admin interface was able to display reports to see how all the items were doing and if intervention was needed.

This allowed them to compile “real time” data from the field and centralize it in a way that made management easy and accurate.

In the admin interface a list of items could be made along with photos that could then be published to several stores

A user would then log in and see only their lists to sync

The user fills out the list and syncs on a daily basis

The back office could then run end of the day reports to see if any of the stores were behind on metrics

The ROI is that the spreadsheets were not giving them the information they needed to quickly know if certain items needed attention over others. The volume was too much for a non database solution.

iSolutions was able to create the database using FileMaker Pro and deploying on FileMaker Server with users accessing via FileMaker Go.

In all, this world class company was able to use iSolutions and FileMaker to quickly and affordably build a database system with no time and limited budget.


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