3 Card / 3 Deck Tarot Reading #1: The Overall Vibration of 2016

3 of Cups — The Wheel Reversed — 9 of Coins (Pentacles) Reversed

Special Considerations

  • There are several ways in which to view reversed cards. One would be to completely ignore them, another to consider them as opposite to their upright meaning, or to consider them of a lesser importance or a faint tendency that can be avoided. Some readers also prefer to treat treat the reversed cards as standalone meanings. I prefer to go by my feeling when I see the cards. In the case of this reading I feel this is a faint tendency that can be avoided, it’s like a sort of warning of what may happen if one fights a certain current or strives to keep the current situation going no matter what.

The Reading

  • 3 of Cups
  • This is a card that talks about celebrations, especially when I got the feeling here about interpreting it literally, like sharing a drink and dancing with your favourite people.
  • There is a certain feeling of exuberance, many people will feel in the flow, happy, and many will feel they are ready to put themselves out there. [Like, for example, I did today when I started this blog. :-P ] I’d say 2016 has the very high potential of becoming a celebration of creativity and letting go of blockages in self-assertion and people creating their own lives.
  • From this, there is also a nuance of friendship, even community. The three figures in the card seem to be dancing in unison, basically synchronized with each other. It could very well be connected with the idea of empathy, or even telepathy for those who believe we can feel each other’s thoughts. What I feel it says is that it will be much easier for us to understand other people’s perspectives, to know and feel where they come from and act accordingly. My thought is something akin to a choir — every singer has his/her own personality, Ego or talents, but when within the collective consciousness of the choir, they will have one voice, arguably on different tonalities, but as an overall amalgamation of everybody’s voices.
  • There are risks of course, as every card (and consequently every state of being) has its extremes. The risk here is spending too much time partying or drinking about, until one gets too far under the influence, up to a point where they lose their composure and things may turn into more a rumble, a loving one at that, but still a rumble.
  • The Wheel Reversed
  • In its upright position, The Wheel talks about the idea of destiny, about having a sense of how things are flowing into place. In my understanding, its most general advice is to let things run their course, not to force anything to stop or to change speed. The less we fight in any way against the tide, the easiest and pleasant things will get.
  • As the card is reversed here, I feel it suggests that some people will try their absolute best (and worst) to control the present, and most likely future too, to have things go their way. The wheel will turn anyway, so the card like this is saying that it’s useless and counter-productive (and counter-intuitive) to fight with something that has not only been already set in motion, but it’s gone so far and it’s so close to completion that it’s effectively impossible to stop right now. What we can control is our reaction to the change, to whatever Miss Fate may bring by keeping positive thoughts and trust her as she has a much wider perspective and knows what is ultimately best.
  • As I said above, this card, whether upright or reversed, points out the fact that nothing is permanent. The only thing that is permanent is change, and change will come soon. Things may be a bit fuzzy and the signs announcing whatever change may come are not as obvious as we may like it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. Not at all!
  • As I said, what we can actually still control is our reaction to whatever may come. And connecting to the 3 of Cups, I feel it’s saying that if we connect with each other, if we’re truly become a (human?) community and work, live and dance together for good or for worse. We will be alright anyway, but if we take the advice of the 3 of Cups and open our hearts to each other, we will not be okay, we’ll be super-extra-mega-gloriously-awesome!
  • 9 of Coins (Pentacles) Reversed
  • The upright card refers to discipline, takings things step by step, allowing oneself the time and space to think things through before doing anything definitive or extreme.
  • This is also a lonely card, it’s the person who relies on nobody but themselves. As it is reversed and, again, connecting to the 3 of Cups, I feel it may actually suggest that although only trusting oneself may have worked before (maybe even in 2015), in 2016 it will start showing increasingly visible and unavoidable glitches. Of course, this doesn’t mean that now relying on oneself will mean disaster, but people will start noticing more and more that things are easier when done by a group/community, life is easier when the community relies on each other, each one pitching in within their own ability and interests. And this year the balance will start tipping more and more towards communal living.
  • In connection with the Wheel Reversed, this card may also suggest that those who will try to keep the old ways, will start noticing that the wheel is actually pushing back harder and harder and will find it hard to push it their way. Again, the less they push and they let it roll, the easier it will be.
  • I also feel that this card, especially in conjunction with the other two, is sort of a call to action. I feel it’s an exclamation mark to remind us that in 2016 we will need to do things, we will need to make things happen. By this, I feel it’s about taking responsibility of one’s own state of mind and heart and action. This is the only way to achieve one’s goals right now.
  • Also, because things may become fuzzy, as with the Wheel Reversed again, it may be a suggestion to make our wishes and goals really clear and best thought positively. I feel this refers to the basic idea of the Law of Attraction, as in whatever we think, whatever we are, is reflected in our lives. If we want good things but we are pessimists and expect disaster all the way, that’s what we’re going to get. Manifestation starts from the inside, from our hearts and minds.
  • On a more mundane level, this could also talk about corruption, roguery and the such, especially when it comes to stealing money, and considering the fact that this is a general world reading for a whole year, I’m talking about heists of epic proportions. I’m not sure if this means that people will be stealing like crazy, but what I am more sure about is the fact that, in the same note as above, it will be harder and harder for these characters to go about their usual business. They will feel isolated from multiple points of view and the more they will fight a general will for peace and harmony among all Earthlings, the more they will feel the cold and pain of solitude.


  • In conclusion, it seems from this brief reading that 2016 will be a year when we’ll feel an increasing tendency to relate to others, to open our hearts and truly live together as fellow inhabitants of the same planet, instead of vying for the now-seemingly-already-obsolete idea of separation, of borders, of loneliness.
  • Of course people will fight this tendency, and it seems those that will be the farthest removed from the idea of community will have a hard time understanding this pull. They will most likely try to hold to the old system with their teeth until they bleed from it or leave their teeth there. In this sense, holding to the old ways could basically lead people to experience pain or some sort of injury (more or less physical and/or severe).
  • I think this is basically saying that love conquers all. Something in the lines of the theme from one of my favourite movies, The Land Before Time. For some reason I think the reading is basically saying that whatever may happen outside (or what we may think may happen), we will be pulled out of fear into love by being togeher. And I will leave you with that:


Note: I chose three decks to give three different perspectives on the same issue: one is the issue as it is (Rider-Waite-Smith), the second is its shadow/opposite (Tarot of the New Vision) and the third represents its practical implications (Vanessa Tarot).

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Originally published at openscrolls.blogspot.com on January 14, 2016.

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