3 Card / 3 Deck Tarot Reading #3: The World Economic Situation in the next 3 months (Jan 14 — Mar 14 2016)

4 of Pentacles Reversed, 8 of Penacles Reversed, Knight of Swords

Special Considerations

  • There are several ways in which to view reversed cards. One would be to completely ignore them, another to consider them as opposite to their upright meaning, or to consider them of a lesser importance or a faint tendency that can be avoided. Some readers also prefer to treat treat the reversed cards as standalone meanings. I prefer to go by my feeling when I see the cards. In the case of this reading I feel this is saying that the energies of the two reversed cards are very faint at best, it’s just an exclamation mark, a warning that things may turn this way if we don’t do anything to change.
  • A majority of Pentacles (Coins) talks about material wellbeing and rewards (for hard work) — how fitting for this question! Both the Pentacle cards are reversed, so this could very well mean a higher chance (two reversed cards adding up) for the money to just slip from our fingers, to pour down the drain if we’re not careful how we manage it. Of course this could very well mean that the global financial system may not be the safest for our money and/or possessions at this time. Also, it could very well say, in a less scary and menacing manner, that with careful management and hard work money will not just disappear from your wallet (or whatever/however you keep it) without even realizing how you’ve spent it.

The Reading

  • 4 of Pentacles
  • The upright meaning of the card is about possession, its most extreme meaning unrelenting possessiveness. This state of being is mostly about material things (as the figure is holding one of the Pentacles close to his chest, not willing to let it go even a centimetre away from him), about money and everything that could be seen as a Root chakra, basic need. What I mean here is basic needs, you need money to assure food, shelter, health, a good standard of life, all that you need to consider yourself safe from a physical point of view.
  • It could very well mean that we worry a lot about these material things, when we have them we won’t let them go, when we don’t have what we consider to be enough, we live in constant fear and stress. This could very well signify that this emotional state will not only affect us and our physical, emotional health, but it will leak into everything else in our lives: our world (where we live, work, etc. and by extension, and through the Law of Attraction, everything around us, from as close as our atoms, to our local, regional, global, or even galactic, universal realities). I have a strong feeling especially with relationships, that money issues can cause the strongest relationships to crumble and eventually falter under their own weight.
  • Also, because of some of us may not feel that they have enough or that they have not properly rewarded for their hard work and/or accomplishments and/or their skills and abilities, we may very well look at others who we may see as having a better life than us with disdain and jealousy. There is a saying in Romanian, that if your goat is sick and dying, that your neighbour’s goat should die too. This has never lead to pleasant results for anybody involved. Luckily the card is reversed, so we may very well turn it or change it altogether with the power of a single thought. This is just saying that we should be careful with such thoughts and take care of our actions in this sense, or else it could very well blow up in our face and cause the diametrically opposite results from what we wanted to achieve. Bitter feelings and negative action can never grow into happiness and material safety.
  • The outcome depends on us, how we deal with our material safety issues. The best outcome is the realization that worries and anxiety about money and material safety are not productive and definitely not conducive to anything that our heart’s desire. We may very well realize that Scrooging it out with our material assets and money does not work any more. Holding our money (that may very well fly away willy nilly anyway) with our teeth will only result in us losing our teeth (an idea I remember I mentioned in the #1 3 Card / 3 Deck Reading on the general vibration of 2016). We have to open up to the idea of community, of sharing. The good things about sharing is that it’s never a one-way highway, when you give, you receive. You could understand this literally as a sort of a bartering system, or in a Law of Attraction sense, as in your thoughts manifest in your physical reality (as in you think “I am abundant” and you get to truly believe it using whatever way may suit you best, and you’ll start to see abundance flowing in your life, quite, I could say, magically).
  • 8 of Pentacles
  • The upright card talks about hard work, the kind of painstaking, steady effort that takes quite a long time to show any results. The most balanced meaning of this card, as depicted in this deck especially (with the sculptor figure behind the central character) is of a patient artist, who sees the potential in a block of rock and doesn’t hold back from going one small step at a time, realizing that if (s)he sticks to the plan and doesn’t give up, a beautiful sculpture will come out in due (and divine) time.
  • So this card could either mean that somebody is giving up because results are not yet visible (at least they don’t see them), or that somebody wants results but is not willing to do the hard work necessary. Either way, this card may very well be a message that the only way you’ll see results and/or the remuneration you are due (or think you deserve) is by actually doing and being what is required to achieve that. There are no shortcuts this time, there is no way to delegate, we are rewarded for our own honest efforts.
  • And honesty is the key this time. Those who use dishonest ways to gain abundance, or are not upfront about the quantity and/or quality of their work, will see it fail or suffer the consequences. I think it’s mostly that the big money — for example — they were expecting will not materialize, or, they will materialize but they will be swiftly taken away (by the government, or by those who gave the money in the first place).
  • Also, those expecting overnight success (like MLM or get-rich-quick schemes, for instance), will have to wait and wait, at least until March 14th. I think this could also refer to any sort of transaction that would bring big money (or valuable assets) instantly or a very short time, not happening any time soon, or if there is a possibility, it will be done so badly, or to our disadvantage. In other words, don’t base your expenses on winning something like the lottery. As I said above, only hard, painstaking work will bring in results during this time. It’s receiving just rewards for the amount of effort you had put in a particular project, or your professional life.
  • In this way, we could use the advice from the 4 of Pentacles to understand that by being honest and socially heart-centred, knowing what we can do and that we may very well need some time for our goals and projects to reach completion, we can concentrate on doing our own part well and be sure that the rewards and recognition for all our effort and sweat will come by and what we don’t really need, can be shared with the family or community, while they give us whatever else we may need in return.
  • Knight of Swords
  • Swords know no greys, they are violently dualistic cards — they cut through situations, sometimes freeing us (like cutting the strings that bound us), other times bringing out the worst in us (and ultimately freeing us — the most extreme would be like cutting an infected wound, with all the pain and blood, but an ultimately necessary procedure in some cases).
  • In the most positive sense of the card, the Knight is assertive and courageous, (s)he knows what (s)he wants, when and how (s)he wants it and is not afraid to go the distance. The most negative extreme is a reckless rude Knight who doesn’t think of others and just goes about cutting here and there to achieve their own desire, and oftetimes acting and talking without thinking — which will obviously bring not-so-pleasant situations.
  • Just looking at this card (or its conventional Ride-Waite-Smith version), it’s whatever we make from this cool ride, of the Knight soaring ahead in the wind. There’s a difference from being honest and brutally blunt, from exerting authority and being a dictator, and the balance lies in treating yourself and the others lovingly and with compassion. This can ease the cutting edge of the sword! This time it’s anything but your way or the highway, because you may end up the one on a permanent highway because you won’t find any place to park or turn, as the others will keep away or not let you in their lives.
  • Also, this connects to the other two cards, especially in the idea of money coming in. Because it will come in, maybe in ways and from places where you haven’t expected, and maybe not even in the quantities you thought of (there is a chance it could even be more than expected). But this will most likely the one-off type, a large payment that will have to last you at least until the end of the time covered by this reading (until March 14th 2016). So the best way for us, whenever we will have money coming in during these 3 months, and perhaps by extension in 2016, is to invest them well, or save them reasonably, in safe and trustworthy places. Also, the more we share what we have, as I said before, the more will come back to us, most likely tenfold. Attitude and inner thoughts are, again key!


  • All in all, it seems like the next three months will be challenging for us, forcing us to rethink our beliefs about money, prosperity and abundance. We will have to understand that we are not alone in this world, that we do not live in a vacuum. If we close the door, nothing will go out, but nothing will come in either. The only way to prosper during this time is to become a true human community. Even on a local level, help each other, open our hearts towards the others, as they will open themselves to us. This is true prosperity.
  • Also, the feelings and subsequent actions with which we start our financial journey in the next 3 months are key. It’s not the initial idea or intention. Those could be the best ever, but if they are not accompanied or followed by anxiety and fear, leading to bitterness and in the most extreme cases, hate, the flowers we have planted will not bloom, on the contrary, the seeds will rot. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We have to be really careful about how we express and act on our emotions, or else we will have to face the consequences. Lying, cheating and/or simply not abiding by one’s word, will find sure ways to reveal themselves, fast!
  • As an illustration, I will use the three cards. As you can see, the Knight of Swords is dashing away on her cool motorcycle from the mess and wasted sweat created by the collapse of the coins. She knows that she is safe and is confidently riding towards a brighter (and much more abundant) reality. She didn’t experience those two cards, she just rode past them and thought that they don’t look nice, so she won’t stop and experience them. She acknowledged them and realized they’re simply not the best place for her to stop in, so she just continued on her path, unrestrained and unscathed by what could have been.
  • And with this, I will leave you with some food for thought from a few of my favourite YouTube videos out there related to this issue:


Note: I chose three decks to give three different perspectives on the same issue: one is the issue as it is (Rider-Waite-Smith), the second is its shadow/opposite (Tarot of the New Vision) and the third represents its practical implications (Vanessa Tarot).

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Originally published at openscrolls.blogspot.com on January 14, 2016.