The first global five-nanometer process technology chip, built for ML and AI.

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The latest A14 Bionic Chip — Photo by 

The ‘time flies’ event that streamed today brought some major upgrades to Apple Watch & iPad line up, and disappointed fans who were expecting a new iPhone. But one of the most prominent announcements of the day was the latest A-Series processor. Usually, Apple announces the latest chips during the iPhone launch event. In the past years, the launch of a new chip in the A-series has been one of the key highlights of every iPhone launch event where Apple talks about how great the chip is going to be in terms of performance inside the iPhone. …

10 must-have Chrome extensions for developers

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BG Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti on Unsplash

Over the past decade, Google Chrome has become the go-to application when anyone wants to browse the web on desktop and mobile. Many people don't even like to browse on their devices until they install Chrome. That being said, it is also infamous for consuming device memory and even slowing it down. But there is one more reason why it’s still the most popular browser: support for the latest web features and developer tools.

Chrome is the go-to browser for all developers due to its large user base that no developer can ignore and also the tools it provides during the development stage of a website or even mobile application. The Chrome Marketplace also has some of the best apps and extensions to help developers with a lot of add-on features during development and testing. …

What to include in your open-source project, right from the start

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Photo by Khachik Simonian on Unsplash.

“Open-source” is a buzzword in the technology industry right now. More and more companies are coming into the open-source world, including giants like Microsoft and Google, who are investing heavily in open-source projects with each passing year. Experts have finally realized that it’s not about keeping your code safe from others and trying to make something perfect with the limited resourced you have. Rather, it’s about being collaborative, bringing in more heads than you could ever afford to have, and, in turn, adding more ideas to create a perfect project.

But the amount of open-source projects that get funding to go ahead is still comparatively low. In recent times, there have been many programs to support the community and bring more people into it thanks to companies like GitHub. Last year, I attended the official launch event of GitHub in my country and one of the main topics discussed was how to encourage this community of creators and contributors. …

The new ios 14 privacy features that Apple boasts about, users love and advertisers hate.

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BG Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

Ever since the first day of WWDC the talk in the technology industry has been around Apple’s new silicon chip and new iOS and macOS versions. iOS 14 is a major update compared to its previous versions in recent years in terms of revamped UI and new features. Android users have laughed off many features like the picture in picture mode which they’ve had for years now.

But there’s something that many people would’ve overlooked from the keynote, something that may impact billion-dollar companies like Facebook, Google, and the multi-billion dollar ad industry. The advertising world and apple have been in mano a mano for a while now, but these new changes will be game-changer for the industry. …

Take your first Deno app online in under five minutes

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Background image by Leone Venter on Unsplash.

Deno has made its way into the developer community, and unlike its predecessor (which took some time to take off), it is making waves. The internet is already filled with articles comparing it with Node.js, with some even saying that Node is dead for good. Well, I don't want to jump into that discussion, but Deno is here to stay.

Even though it will take a while for people to start using it in production and for popular cloud providers to start providing a runtime for Deno out of the box, that doesn't mean we can’t start experimenting with all the new features. So here’s an article explaining how to deploy a Deno app to a Heroku project. …

Four cloud hosting providers that allow you to host a simple website without spending a dime

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BG Image by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

It’s been three months since the world went into quarantine and people stuck home are trying to learn new skills every day. While development may not be everyone’s cup of tea( or coffee if you’re like me), learning to make a simple website is something even a 5-year-old can do. It’s one of the most basic skills that you can acquire in the vast ocean of technologies out there and something that can be very useful at some point in your work or personal life.

There are 1000s of tutorials out there that teach basic HTML and CSS to make a website, but creating it and watching it in action on your local machine is probably not what you had in mind. You probably want to share it with your friends, get feedback, or even launch it on the internet. While there are numerous free hosting providers out there, they always come with a catch or show pop up ads on your website. Here’s a list of 4 very popular and trustworthy tools that can get you started with website hosting and like the title said, free! …

Barrier, Forest, and more tools that can help you get things done during remote working.

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Photo by Izabelle Acheson on Unsplash

Well, the COVID-19 crisis is only getting worse in the US and most parts of the world with the number of affected people going up with each passing day. Most businesses that require the physical presence of employees have been shut down or are running on reduced shifts.

However, a majority of the workforce who were working on a computer at the workplace have taken work into their own homes and continue to support their clients and run businesses remotely.

For many companies, relaxed work-from-home policies were already in place, or only in emergency cases for some, and some people were not allowed to work from home at all. …

A collection of online tools that can significantly boost your UI/UX skills as a front-end developer.

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BG Image by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

“Front end web development” was not a very popular term a decade ago. But the days when most web developers used to work on both websites and backend web apps are long gone.

Front end development is one of the coolest profiles for a developer to work on now. …

Configuring a CI/CD workflow for Angular applications using GitHub actions

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BG Image — Unsplash

GitHub Actions is the automation tool to add CI/CD workflow for projects on GitHub. It is currently available for the general public and is completely free to use for open-source projects.

In this piece, we’ll talk about the various steps to integrate the CI/CD workflow in an Angular project. We’ll be focusing on GitHub actions configuration in the Angular project. The basics of creating an Angular app and how it works are out of scope here.

Let’s go through the steps one by one.

1. Creating a GitHub Project

The first and obvious step is to create a GitHub project and connect your Angular project with the repository. …

Learn all about the latest official GitHub CLI and how to use it in just five minutes

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BG Image by Brina Blum on Unsplash

GitHub, the world’s most popular Git hosting provider has existed without an official CLI tool for years now. It’s quite surprising considering the fact GitHub itself is the most-used platform for open-source projects.

But one advantage of being part of the open-source ecosystem is that the community will build things when the need arises with or without official backing and that is exactly what happened with GitHub so far.

Hub is the most popular unofficial GitHub CLI that was being used widely. According to their official website:

“Hub is an extension to command-line Git that helps you do everyday GitHub tasks without ever leaving the terminal.” …


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