Spotify mobile: An experience to consider
Anthony R. Daniel II

Hi Anthony — Really like your blog post. I have few viewpoints.

a) I didn’t understand the prospect of having search option over queue option. The probability of using a search option during listening to a playlist in my view is less compared to using a “queue option” to see which songs come next. While listening to a song in a playlist, and you like it, most likely you would want to know about the artist (to do that you use “3-vertical dot icon below song’s art cover).

b) Totally agree with making album / song art cover more useful. More example: you can double tap on a song’s art cover to add it to any of your playlist. OR with Apple’s 3D touch now being introduced, on iPhone you can access features related to that song by pressing on art cover. It is intuitive as well because I have seen myself few times clicking on art cover just to see what it can offer but sadly nothing as of now.

c) I don’t know exactly how important is “Quick Save” button. It can def. be removed. It can my replaced by “Show lyrics” option or something like that. That would be more useful.

d) I guess “Additional options” icon is removed in the latest app version.

e) I use Spotify on android and scrubbing knob is big enough. Have not used the app on iPhone so can’t say much about that.

f) Agreed. Search can be more useful.

Also, I would like to see an option which gives you a list of covers or other versions of songs that you’d like or added to your playlist. YouTube does this pretty well with its videos recommendation.

What do you think?