The Who, What and Where I Want to be. (an Introduction)

For years I’ve been prepping, studying, and working long days to get to this point. The point where I’m confident enough to share my work and to be critiqued. It wasn’t till this past month where I stopped focusing so much on development, but started a new path in design. I’m so excited to open up photoshop with a blank canvas and just start throwing layers on top of it. Lately it has been more exciting than opening my text editor. Though, I’ve been stoked on designing, I’m not sure if I’m in some sort of honeymoon phase. I’ve been developing for years and I still love it, but will that be the same for design? At this point no one will know, but it is a road I want to take and I’m excited to see how it turns out. Even if I end up sucking as a UI/UX designer, I’ll always have programming and I’m 100% happy about writing code for a living.

My Background in this industry

As some of you know, I work for an incredible agency in Temecula, Ca Magnetic Creative. Nothing excites me more than coming to work here, Monday-Friday. This place is a playground full of extremely talented and creative people who kickass day after day. I’m stoked to call this place home.

Aside from being a developer at Mag, I have started a Diabetic technology company with another type one diabetic, Thibault Imbert (lead of Spark, a Product at Adobe) and I’m extremely stoked and passionate about this company coming to life. I can’t wait to share more information with all of you.

My Current Goals:

  • Begin designing at Magnetic Creative.
  • Have my app available for Download by Christmas.
  • Post to Dribbble atleast 3 times a week (
  • Get more involved with diabetic technology products.

Thank you all for reading. I plan on posting here often and can’t wait to look back on these posts later on in my career to remind myself how lucky I am to work in such a cool industry.