In the beginning…

For as long as I can remember, all I wanted to be was a Dr. I love helping people, I love being the person with the solution to their problem.

But there was an issue, I couldn’t afford to go to medical school, and my family couldn’t afford it either. When I was eighteen years old my parents got divorced; this needless to said was a huge deal for me and my other two brothers.

Suddenly, I’ve lost not only my father, but also the biggest source of financial security. My other brother was seventeen at the time, and my youngest brother was only eight years old. The divorce of my parents had a huge impact on him, neither my brother or I could find a way to fulfill that void. Fortunately, everything turned out to be ok, my brothers and I in my humble opinion are good husbands and dads!

I was able to successfully finish my education, and although I didn’t earned the title of surgeon, I did graduated within a career that I had my eye set on for some time…Optometry — see what I did there :)

Optometrist, although not MD’s are still widely considered Dr’s and most people referred to us as such. I loved it! I was able to help people and it was something that came to me very easily, I was very good at it. However, after almost fifteen years of being involved in the optical field I started to get bored…extremely bored.

I’ve already started to play in my head with the idea of building websites, my first exposure to the code behind a website (mainly tables back then) was overwhelming, what in the hell is all these stuff! was my first thought.

I didn’t try to do much after that, back then learning resources were limited and I wasn’t really sure I wanted to leave my comfort zone. Several years passed, in retrospect, I wish I’ve tried harder to learn how to code, instead I spent a few years learning photoshop and Illustrator, played a little with Dreamweaver too! but nothing too serious.

About five years ago is when I finally decided to make the jump, I was scared and the uncertainty was killing me. Would I like this new career? would I be good at it? could I make a living out of it? am I too old for this? what if I failed? all the excuses that your ego always tells you in order to prevent you from achieving your goal. That’s still something I struggle from time to time, except now is the “impostor syndrome” that gets to me sometimes.

Moving forward I graduated in 2012 from Full Sail University with a BA in Science in Web Development, four months after graduation I landed a job as a front end dev with a startup company, mainly doing landing pages and emails. Eventually I started using javascript and became part of the engineering team, unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of support from my boss, sometimes when you do this kind of work for many years is very easy to forget how it is when you just begin your journey as a developer.

But I was able to move along and learn of my own of course, I have always been independent as you can probably imagine by now. And also I was fortunate enough to have my wife’s support, without it I couldn’t possibly accomplish nearly as much. For all of you thinking that either you’re too old, too young, not smart enough, or whatever other crap your ego tells you, let me remind you that everything that you see today, every single piece of magical technology was was made up by people that were no smarter than you

I know it might seems patronizing, but is not, it is hard as hell, yes I agree, but if it was easy, anyone would do it. And when you want something, really want something, fight for it with all your mighty! get a hold of your dream and don’t let go until you make it a reality. Don’t allow yourself to live with a regret in your mind, thinking what if?

Good luck!

By now you can probably tell I’m not a native speaker, please if you have any comments or suggestions, let me know. I would love to hear from others with similar experiences.