Being a Refugee

In 2012, I worked in a small tissue factory with a group of young divorced women to support my family. I remember how much I was helpless without education.

I was in my third year at the University of Damascus when the war was swallowing every corner of our town. The decision to move to Jordan was not an option and I was uprooted from my country , the people I love, and my university.


Being a refugee does not always mean that you are dependent and vulnerable, on the contrary, it can be a chance for new opportunities.

in 2013, I received a UNHCR DAFI scholarship and it changed thereafter my life. 
DAFI brought me back to college seats and academic life. I gained back all the skills, mastered my strength and sharpened my weakness. I was integrated with community. I am able now to prosper, flourish and grow in a host country.

I graduated from English Language and Literature department in 2016 , an independent woman with a certificate that allows me to work in a local NGO that helps people, a work I am genuinely proud to be part of.