Facing and Overcoming Obstacles

This is one of the biggest challenges to entrepreneurs and humans of all shapes and sizes, many crumble and most stand tall, on my entrepreneurial journey I faced all, but the hardest to overcome is what I will talk about.

Fear of the unknown: I began my journey as an entrepreneur a few months ago and I quickly did all an entrepreneur is supposed to do to make a company work except marketing. I thought to myself that marketing wasn’t a passion of mine and it would be better to hire someone else to oversee this part of the company.

In the past, I had to do this job myself because I had no cash to hire, my experience was sordid, I suffered rejection at every point and I thought to myself am I just not good enough to sell anything to anybody, but I didn’t let that stop me rather, I saw it as an opportunity to evolve.

I drew up a plan that included:

  1. Study
  2. Try to market the SKOLE product again
  3. Keep my emotions in check

I enrolled at the Lagos business school, after graduation, I moved to step two of the plan, it was easier this time around. I found out that my job was not just to sell the SKOLE product but also to educate my prospective client, most of which didn’t know the importance of my solution. I eventually gave up this marketing task because I can not do all by myself but I learnt that marketing was an educational task in itself, and my task was supposed to be about showing my client the benefits to him than praise for the product itself.