2018 is here. We’ve seen all sorts of things human nature can produce combining together all our knowledge. Things always seems to be on a exponential curve towards the heaven on earth these days.

We’ve also seen the worst in human nature. Historically there was worse times and it always needs to be kept in mind. Germans know exactly what I’m talking about.

Ahead of us is a clear path for some, a numb path for most. But what can we do about it? There was never a better time to think about how the unfortunate can strive. I mean, look around, information is flooding everywhere. The way to unnumb the path for those is more and more give them ways to think for themselves.

I’m glad I’m alive at these times and hopeful that we’ll be able to circumvent the obvious roadblocks ahead of us. Can we accommodate the conservative political views arising to power worldwide with technology disruption always accelerating? I’m worried but hopeful.

I’m almost certain we’ll see, as technology continue to replace human repetitive labors, no other way than an universal basic income. People below the line of basic human survivability must be extinct. I’m hopeful it can be done.

Some may argue that there is always gonna be the lazy, the dull and the unlucky among us all. But how can we aim to be so good if we undermine our geniuses right on their cribs? We can only survive the planet saturation if all human minds that are born are given the chance to achieve their full potential.

In this shifting world of ours power always gonna need some oversight. By it’s very nature power always desire more of itself. I’m almost alien to Chinese culture but this piece of news felt like terrifying. Can this technological, always data gathering, society be shift into a dystopia nightmare? I’m worried but hopeful.

In my home country, Brazil, we’ll see a baffled power battle in next elections that will take place in 2018. On one side there will be ours once hero Lula, that’s for sure. He probably will be convicted by election day anyway.. On the other side the dangerous oversimplifying views of conservative clowns. I’m worried but I’m hopeful.

Let 2018 be the year that fiat currencies will succumb to crypto ones. And, by 2019, let’s see how we all will stand on this profoundly shaken world.

I’m worried. But I’m Hopeful.

Happy New Year!

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