As long as we keep moving...

Have you seen a movie which from the beginning, the end looked predictable but as event unfolds, it took a dramatic turn and brought a surprise look on you?

Of course, I've seen such....

Don't go far....

Being proficient in management as opened my eyes to many things which I held firmly. One such is the human relations theory.

The human relations theory experiment began initially as an attempt to apply the Scientific Principles of management to the organization of work. In the turn of events, after the result of the first set of experiments, the focus on the social needs of individuals emerged.

Although a new theory was born but it is to the credit of the first experiment, the researchers set aside their initial assumptions and began to work with a new set of assumption based on the different view about the nature of man.

Success is all we all want to achieve, each of us have our different plans and approaches on how we want to go about it. Those who took actionable plans and go into actions often times have no idea what they were doing at the beginning until they achieve it.

One thing is sure, they just kept going.

Often times I have heard people say, this was not what we had in mind but we just kept working with our plans and though shifted a bit from the original plan or another thing came up and we rolled with it and has brought us success.

My point is that, when you are working on a major goal, your plans will not be enough to cover the activities involved, strange things come up, they are not there to deter you but you have to work with them, they are path ways to great achievement.

Etin Mayol as the father of human relations theory achieved the feat but not with the original plan, as he worked with his team, they made it to an uncharted territory, worked and leave a trail and today he is highly regarded in Management, his ideas and thoughts are widely known and practiced in today's organization.

You don't need a full idea, just work with what you have and as you progress, you will attract the right circumstances that will propel you to greatness.

Do all you can with what you have and don't be afraid to take on new things, they were designed for your greatness.

Ideas don't come complete.... Work with what you have....


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