My dad does not use the shower..

For sometimes now I've seen my dad went to the bathroom with buckets instead of using the shower, I wanted to know why he does that but the plumber who installed it once said old people do not fancy the shower. So I held my peace.

Away from my dad, in 2015, I met a lady from a wealthy home who told me she doesn't have a facebook account, it sounds strange to me. How can someone as beautiful, classy and social like you not present on the most popular and ever growing platform?

Come closer...

I learnt of a particular woman living in an exquisite edifice but will always go out to the varender to receive breeze instead of using the air conditioning system, claiming that the AC is artificial that she prefers the natural..... Uh

I know we are in the game era, innovation is taking up everything but there is something that is very sure, which is, NOT EVERYONE WILL BUY INTO IT.

I'm talking to entrepreneurs, business men and women, of course you've been told and it's obvious that civilization has taken over the way we conduct our businesses including our marketing and selling approach but you need to remember that your customers are not limited to social media such as facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. Some don't even fancy the idea, so how do you reach out to them?

Like what Obiechie Richard said sometimes ago, we can't just abandon the traditional methods of reaching out to prospective customers, there is a need to combine the both the traditional and the modern techniques.

Few days ago, I saw a banner and a sign post, giving information about a particular business and it was articulate enough that the business owner was able to capture the hearts of customers and make profit.

My charge today is that, it is advisable not to limit your business prowess and marketing efforts to the internet, no matter how beautiful it may seem, some still haven't develop strong knack for social media..... In fact you can opt to receive your money through face to face interaction if customers finds it stressful to go to the bank.

The olden days are new somewhere....even post office is still working ... Take advantage and get better...